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Custom Cookies & Other Sweet Treats


All cookies are hand crafted especially for your order and come individually bagged and heat sealed for freshness (unless, requested otherwise.) Custom cookies start at $45 a dozen for regular sized cookies and $22 a dozen for mini sized cookies (limited design options). This is for basic, non elaborate cookies. Adding colors, airbrushing, lots of writing, intricate designs, metallic, etc will raise the price of cookies. Character and logos will have special pricing and start at $48 -$55dz. Custom cookies have a 1 dozen minimum when ordering regular/large sized cookies and a 2 dozen minimum for mini cookies (this must be the same theme). Please fill out the order request form to get specific pricing for what you'd like.


Simple Cookies

Per dozen – includes 3 different colors & up to 3 different shaped cookies.

-No airbrushing/hand painting/gold/silver or added florals.


Medium Detailed Cookies

Per dozen – includes 4 different colors & up to 4 different shaped cookies.

-May include primary color airbrushing (no gold/silver or sheen colors) & small individual flowers.


More Detailed Cookies

Per dozen – includes up to 5 different colors & 5-6 different shaped cookies.

-May include airbrushing (including gold, silver & sheen), glitter, gold painting &/or multiple flowers/leaves floral work.


- $5dz+: For Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and sheens

- $5dz: Individually wrapped as favors with ribbon

$12dz: Individually boxed with shred

- Rush Fee: For order request less than one - two weeks before pick up date there is a 25% rush fee for the order.


Other Sweet Treats!


  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies $22dz

  • Smore's Cookies $24dz

  • Mostachon Cake (Strawberry Meringue Cake) $30

  • Mostachon Cupcakes ( Strawberry Meringue Cupcakes) $28dz


  • Cupcakes $24dz 


  • Specialty Flavor Cupcakes: $36dz


  • Mini Banana Cupcakes w/ Strawberry Banana Frosting $60 for 5dz (min) BEST SELLER


  • Churro Cheesecake $30 (13x9 pan – cut into small or big squares depending on the occasion. Can make around 24 cupcake size portions)



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