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Laura's Sweet Surprise - Headshot.png

I'm Laura, the owner and baker behind Laura's Sweet Surprise, a Texas Cottage Bakery serving the Houston area.

Like many passionate bakers, my journey began in my kitchen. In 2016, searching for a unique way to show appreciation to my children's teachers for Valentine's Day, I discovered the world of custom decorated cookies. It sparked a creative fire, and Laura's Sweet Surprise was born!

While custom cookies were my initial focus, in June 2022 I welcomed a new little one into our family. To ensure I could dedicate time to both motherhood and my baking passion, I decided to take a temporary break from cookies. One early morning feeding session, inspiration struck again! I stumbled upon mini pancakes online and knew instantly I had to offer them. After weeks of recipe testing and gathering the perfect tools for presentation, I launched my mini pancake catering service.

Every bite of our delicious pancakes and desserts is a testament to fresh, high-quality ingredients and handcrafted care. We customize each order to meet your unique requests, ensuring your event is a delightful experience.

For me, Laura's Sweet Surprise isn't just about delicious treats – it's about finding joy in creation and sharing that joy with others. It allows me to be a present mom while pursuing my passion, and that's a truly sweet combination!


Thank you for choosing Laura's Sweet Surprise!

We appreciate your support of our small family business.

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